Stews on a cold night

It’s been raining the past couple of nights and the wife was in the mood for some loach soup or 추어탕 (chuo tang). There’s this Korean soup restaurant near my office which serves really good loach soup called Seorak Chuotang, located along Jl Senopati, South Jakarta. The place was packed with Korean salary men having their weekly dinner and drink session with the boss and even for lunch this place is normally packed with Korean office employees and I’d be hard pressed to identify any local clientele.

I opted for something more substantial as the cold and wet night demanded something heavier/hearty. Went for the 해장국 (HaeJang Guk) or hangover soup instead and it was simply a thing of beauty. There’s nothing quite like a bubbling pot of spicy stew with beef and dried mustard greens topped with spring onions.


HaeJang Guk which costs Rp90,000 or USD6.70

Polished off 1.5 bowls of rice with the soup. Not exactly diet friendly food.


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