A New Malaysia

Today history was made. The ruling coalition that is Barisan Nasional has been punished by the voters for their hubris. I, like many others, had hoped for this development but had never thought it would come to pass because of the way the system has been gamed to ensure BN stayed in power. I hope to see urgent changes made to the Election Commission in making them a fair and impartial body. I hope to see changes being made to institutions like the AG’s Chambers and the Police to make them professional and effective in enforcing laws to serve the people and not a single master.

I’m personally happy to see arrogant ministers given the boot and thumbs down by voters. For far too long they have lorded over the people thinking their position is their birthright and expect the people to be beholden to them and thus forgetting that it is they who were put in a position of power by the people to serve.

I am nervous, like most, about the future of my country but I have faith that we are walking the correct path. Even if the next 5 years turns out to be a complete farce, what #GE14 has shown is that the people have the power to implement change and no political party or coalition is immune to the will of the people.


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