Han River early summer

The flowers are in bloom and the weather is perfect for a picnic and walk along the riverbank.

Loads of poppies! And there is even a reproduction of the monster from the movie The Host gracing the fields next to the Han River.


Ramyeon in a jiffy when you’re out and about

During a short trip to Seoul recently we decided to take a walk along the Han River, hoping to get in as much of the 10,000 steps per day target as possible. Came across a convenience store which bro-in-law recommended we try as there’s recently the latest trend of cooking ramyeon on an induction cooker and having it by the river. Process was simple enough and starts with buying a packet of ramyeon and getting a cardboard container with a metallic bottom. There are a number of induction cookers just outside the convenience store.

You scan the barcode on the ramyeon packaging at the machine so that it knows what noodles you are cooking. Open up the packaging and place contents in the cardboard container and place on the induction cooker. With a press of the button indicated on the screen, water is dispensed into the container and the cooking process begins. A couple of minutes later it is done and you just need to carry it and walk to nearby benches along the Han River to feast.

I have to say it was quite a unique experience and highly enjoyable for a quick meal that a bit more substantial than your average cup noodle fare. There machines apparently cost US$300 but I would think the store makes its investment back very quickly looking at the huge crowd of people getting their ramyeon fix there and enjoying the views along the Han River.